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UGC Care group 'II' Journal

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W-UK JOURNAL is a Peer Reviewed Monthly International Journal and Platform encouraging Researchers, Practitioners, Academicians from Life Sciences, Engineering and Technology Management areas to share their innovative Research achievements and novel work to make quality information available for a broader public of readers and Internet users.

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Frequency : 12 issues per year

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Volume 13-Issue 10-2022



2020  2021

Volume XI Issue I January-2020     Volume XII Issue I January-2021

Volume XI Issue II February-2020     Volume Xii Issue II February-2021

Volume XI Issue III March-2020      Volume XII Issue III March-2021

Volume XI Issue IV April-2020                                                       

Volume XI Issue V MAY-2020       Volume XII Issue IV April-2021

Volume XI Issue VI June-2020     Volume XII Issue VI June-2021

                                                                Volume XII Issue IX September-2021

Volume XI Issue VII July-2020

Volume XI Issue VIII August-2020

Volume XI Issue IX September-2020

Volume XI Issue X October-2020

Volume XI Issue XI November-2020

Volume XI Issue XII December-2020




Volume 10 Issue 1 January-2019          Volume 10 Issue 2 February-2019              Volume 10 Issue 3 March-2019


Volume 10 Issue 4 April-2019                Volume 10 Issue 5 May-2019                      Volume 10 Issue 6 June-2019


Volume 10 Issue 7 July-2019                 Volume 10 Issue 8 August-2019       Volume 10 Issue 9 September-2019


Volume 10 Issue 10 October-2019    Volume 10 Issue 11 November-2019      Volume 10 Issue 11 December-2019




Volume 8 issue 1 January-June-2018                                     Volume 8 issue 2 July-December-2018




Volume 7 issue 1 January-June-2017                                    Volume 7 issue 2 July-December-2017




Volume 6 issue 1 January-June-2016                                    Volume 6 issue 2 July-December-2016




Volume 5 issue 1 January-June-2015                                    Volume 5 issue 2 July-December-2015




Volume 4 issue 1 January-June-2014                                  Volume 4 issue 2 July-December-2014